ICA - Robot

Vidar Francke

This lill robot is a visualization, and the first in a series of robots developed for the ICA Banks new automation. Different robots will be doing different things. This particular fellow will be handling amortization requirements. More robots to come so stay fruity my friends. 

Trying a new thing

My God I can't believe I'm saying this but I will try to draw one of these, each day for as long as I possible can. I have a full time job right now as an illustrator and animator, but I really miss these stupid daily illustration just from my imagination. God I miss it. So I will try to find that fun quick drawings again. Let's go.

Illustration course

Vidar Francke

This autumn I have held a course in illustration at Linnaeus University which has been just so inspiring. I got to plan the whole course by myself from all the assignments, workshops, tutorials to the presentations and ways to work. It has truly been an experience like no other. 

We made an exercise at the end of the course where the students drew this wooden human model all from different angles which we later put together into this GIF. I will teach this course again next autumn and perhaps some more gest lecturers and workshops as I have been doing the last couple of months as well. Hopefully even more. 

Thank you all for this time and I hope next course will be equally great.