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For the last 2 years I have been working full-time as an Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Animator at ICA Reklam, one of Swedens largest in-house advertising agencies. During this time I have worked with truly talented people and with numerous big and exciting projects. Some of those projects I want to share with you, here in my very own little part of the internet. So this whole sections is a select few, hope you enjoy.

Christmas Calendar – 2017

I got the honorable task of creating ICA’s Christmas calendar 2017. The calendar is a good-will-product that is handed out for free in the ICA-stores and has become a very much appreciated part of the customers Christmas – year after year.

Food from all around the world is enjoyed by family and friends with multi-cultural background. The Calendar evolves every time you open a new window, but this year, it was the food and the guests that was in focus. The Christmas calendar 2017 has brought great debate on social media, mostly on Twitter and Facebook. If you are interested in reading – search for “ICA Julkalender” on various social platforms.

ICA’s marketing direktor Mats Liedholm addresses these questions and social media debate: https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/hatstorm-mot-detaljen-pa-icas-julkalender/

Even more juicy reading - https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/gPa1mJ/icas-julkalender-mottes-av-hat--efter-detaljen

The opinions of these trolls go beyond the limits of reason, but to me it is both inspiring and entertaining to give these trolls something to talk about. Who knows, maybe someday they will actually get it. In addition, the positive feedback we received is overwhelming – So nice to see so many that takes a stand for diversity. Happy Christmas everyone!

Ps. a few of the hundrades of nice comments at the end of this project.

Vidar Francke
Vidar Francke
Vidar Francke
Vidar Francke

Calendar – 2018

ICA's Calendar has a rich tradition that goes way back. For 77 years, it has become indispensable in Swedish households and in many of them it has stayed in the same place for generations.

When we were commissioned to produce the calendar, we where given the brief that the calendar, in some way, will go in line with ICA's investments in sustainability . We wanted, in an accessible and inspiring way, help customers to make sustainable choices and reduce their climate impact while showing that "everyone can do something".

I got the honor to be the illustrator and graphic designer for this project.

The amazing Art Director
– https://www.behance.net/ahnfelt
The brave Copywriter/ Creative – Anna Donnellan

Real Estate – The Future
of urban planning

ICA Real Estate is taking the next step towards a more environmentally friendly future in urban planning. I got the honor of making this future vision come to life in an illustration. A fulfilling and challenging job that hopefully will make a difference. An updated version has been made (can be found below) for a report available to read here

New updated illustration below - view the report here.  

Summer festival 2018 – “Ett annat typ av Halmstad”

”Ett annat typ av Halmstad” is a project to raise awareness and help socially vulnerable people in Halmstad. A concept we created for ICA Maxi University. Here are some of the illustrations and animations that were shared on social media, the store website, screens around Halmstad and in the store screen’s.


ICA Student – Emojis

ICA is all about that trendy youth life. Dabbing, memes and doing all sorts of dances. You know, what kids do. Let’s just say it’s great being a youth and especially a studying one. In Sweden, if you are studying you can get all kinds of discounts and offers from ICA. We did a whole identity and plan for how ICA Student is going to look and feel. One of these things was to create our very own emoji-library to use in all of our marketing. So I made one. These are a select few of all the emojis: