Illustration course

Vidar Francke

This autumn I have held a course in illustration at Linnaeus University which has been just so inspiring. I got to plan the whole course by myself from all the assignments, workshops, tutorials to the presentations and ways to work. It has truly been an experience like no other. 

We made an exercise at the end of the course where the students drew this wooden human model all from different angles which we later put together into this GIF. I will teach this course again next autumn and perhaps some more gest lecturers and workshops as I have been doing the last couple of months as well. Hopefully even more. 

Thank you all for this time and I hope next course will be equally great.

The Garden Mindset Illustration

So I bought myself a Wacom Cintiq 13HD interactive pen display. I have been playing around with it all day and I am absolutely in love. We are in love. It's going to take some time getting use to but I definitely think it will speed up the process a lot. This is the first illustration I did on the display. This is a made up band tour poster of some sort. Just had a lot of fun doing this as always. Hope you like it.  

Digital Playground before work

I have different methods and ways to get into creative flow. Every once in a while I take an hour in Photoshop starting with a white canvas and I just start painting without thinking. It's a great challenge I think and usually a lot of fun. So if you need challenges and kicks to get going with those creative juices, let me know. I have a bunch.